Don’t Want To Go

A final breath, her final step

His final smile, her final touch.

No more is the skin smooth,

Two lovers caress the aging surface,

Kissing their last

As time ticks away fast.

Time has been both

Friend and enemy,

With a smile the man says, ” You’ve always been lovely to me.”

In a whisper the woman says, ” because you’ve forever made me free.”

Two lovers embrace,

Ready to exodus without a single trace.

With love to guide them into the beyond,

They grow more fond

Of one another’s heart

That’ll never beat apart.

In each others eyes 

There is no disguise,

They are both all the wise

To let this realm slide.

He wanted to spend another life

She knew he wouldn’t live through the night.

He wanted it all to be made right,

She knew this would be their last light.

Staring into her eyes, with a death filled whisper the man says, ” I don’t want to go.”

With a fallen year the woman says, ” I don’t want you to go.”

They both lay in deaths grip

Of life they have started the slip.

Two spirits walk along the eternal shores of snow,

The woman says, ” I hated seeing you go.”

With a chuckle response the man says, ” I didn’t want to go.”

By Isaac Gathings 2017


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