Just a portion of the first page in the first chapter of my current manuscript. Maybe I should change it around? I don’t know. I’m willing to see some thoughts on this. Advertisements


When the world around me can drink, When friends are more important than your future, I’ll drink myself to the sound of a suture. Maybe this will be the death of me, Hopefully I won’t stumble into your friendly neighborhood speakeasy. I’ll drink to the point you’ll feel uneasy, Back then alcohol had me weezy,… Continue reading Oddball

Ye Of Litter

Driving down the road I see wasted cash, so called trash. Empty cups, torn bags, forgotten memories of past family times, It’s sad when a turtle brings back a discarded nugget box, the animale kingdom has drawn the lines. Foxes, rabbits, deer and those above feel the pain of our litter, choke on the six… Continue reading Ye Of Litter