Just as delicate As the fallen feather She is. A doves feather that  Graces the skin of This body. She carries me  With romance kisses And dreams of new found wishes. Her touch is The tidal wave That sweeps me off my feet. Listening to her heart Beat as that  Of a symphony. We fly… Continue reading Dove

The BusĀ 

Morning has come A loose newspaper flys by As two lovers kiss Under the shadow  Of a skyscraper  Kissing the belly of clouds Slowly swimming the sea of heaven That watches over a man Who stands silently  At a lone bus stop By Isaac Gathings 2017


Greenest forests, bluest oceans We toss away trash through car windows, Broken glass, choked out six packs creates profound emotions. I thought I caught a fish today, there’s a can at the end of my line, Earth has morphed into your friendly neighborhood trash can, Someone’s junk, don’t worry though because no one will pay… Continue reading Collapse


I once had it all, Until the bars last call, I walk a sad, long road. Missing the two kids who’ll never know a father, I guess I’ll finally heed the stage curtains fall. I watch a sun go down, A moon came up with a frown, I saunter around town hoping not to silently… Continue reading Lost