Breathing Together 

Woman: I was his Bonnie

Man: I was her Clyde

Woman: With the blink of his lashes

Man: She gave no place for my heart to hide

Woman: This is a man I would not only live for

Man: But she is the woman I would passionately die for

Woman: We used to have late night beach drinks

Man: Under a falling  moon I caressed her

Woman: We loved in a world were we didn’t care what anyone thinks

Man: It was us against the world

Woman: His hands closing around mine let me know I’m the only girl

Man: When I kiss her, every void is filled

Womam: When I kiss him, my love is spilled

Man: My chest raises

Woman: With his inhale I let go of a exhale

Man: My chest lowers

Woman: With his exhale I inhale

Man: I am the moon

Woman: He says I shine as the sun

Man: Between us are our earthly hearts that will franticly beat soon

Woman: He calls me his oxygen

Man: Of course she is my oxygen, it’s through her every breath I win 

Woman: I say he is my knight

Man: Surely I’ll protect her from another man’s blight

Woman: He has brown eyes that shine like a birthing star 

Man: Without her my heart would sadly wear the scar

Woman: When he’s weak I’ll kiss him softly as the touch of a feather

Man: That is why until forever my Dove and I will live breathing together 

By Isaac Gathings 2017



Sometimes I wish I was dead,

You know, that feeling of a tangible dread

That rings like church bells in my head,

I look in the mirror and wish myself vanished,

I know, I know, apparently I’d send the world into a panic

I miss the kiss of a blade on my skin, the absence is sending me into a frantic panic

That somehow the world could care less about,

They said I shouldn’t live in doubt

Lest I fear the taste of bloody death in the mouth,

While the world has its fun on the avenue

I’m the thing that’s been stomped by your shoe,

My birth a mistake? I was simply misplaced by the church pew,

At times I cry

I don’t tell people when I cry,

Why tell anyone when I cry when all they’ll do is let go of a lofty sigh?

Maybe I’m beyond broke

To the point my own pain has become shards of glass on which I choke,

I lay at night wishing in my sleep for my last breath, hopefully I haven’t missed that boat,

My own shadow walks with its hands in deep pockets,

Looking in a mirror I see the deaths eye sockets

That call to me like flames from launched rockets,

Let this poem be not just some string of words

That hopefully will fascinate you as wings of wild birds,

I see the thing that blurs,

Maybe these words will reach them

Maybe these words will die on a whim,

But I can now say that I’ve finally told them

By Isaac Gathings 2017

A Man And His Long Road

I close the door softly behind me

He closes the door silently,

I tighten the grip of my coat

He doesn’t know I watch him from the window,

Opening the door to my truck I give the house one last look

I wish I could read his mind like a book,

Starting the engine forces my truck to roll down the long road

I hope he knows that without him here this house will be cold,

The sun is cut in half by a distant horizon pregnant with snow

It’s sad that he’ll never know,

Somewhere in my lap the hair pin trigger is calling

I believe this winters snow will not be the only thing falling, 

The night haunts me, the sadness that none can see

He hid his pain so well that even I thought he was finally free,

As I grasp the guns handle while driving this old truck

He must think none of us gives a simple fuck,

Like rain that cascades down a childs window during a storm

I wish someone better was there for him when he was born,

My tears show a pain, a pain so unbearable at times

He hurts just as the winds whine,

I have moments I wish I could cut the pain away

I know he suffers a great deal and he just wants to be away from the light of day,

Letting my blood kiss the earth

I know he has wishes to reject his birth, 

There’s a stop sign ahead

I wonder if he knows I read his note which sadly detailed his death bed,

I glance at the instrument of death counting one in the chamber

I wish I could get rid of that death hanger, 

Slowly I press on the gas

Maybe he’ll find the strength to let these feelings pass,

By Isaac Gathings 2017


Two Lovers

Man: I first noticed her eyes

Woman: I thought he was staring between my thighs

Man: I fell for her voice

Woman: I possibly couldn’t be his only choice

Man: She said her name was Dove

Woman: Secretly I felt this man came from above

Man: We had a fun and seemingly never ending first date

Woman: He said his name was Isaac, he said my beating heart was the bait

Man: We kissed and all of the world melted away

Woman: Has a kiss ever made another woman sway?

Man: I gave her a key to my heart

Woman: I put that key somewhere secret so we’ll never part

By Isaac Gathings 2017

The Alcoholics Poetic Memoirs Pt 2

I stood in a Walmart isle,

Mile upon mile,

I drank in the scene of 

Full bottles of different colors.

Of course my kids needed

Food but my selfish want of drink became deep seeded,

From Bud Light 

Good old Jim Beam 

To my Mexican padre José.

Children’s food fell to the floor,

As I walked through the haunted sliding door,

I hated myself

For digging the hole ever deeper,

Knowing full well the darkness to come.

I wanted my drunken death,

I wanted the smell of liquor to be my last breath,

Upon me as I sat in the car,

The numbness crept, tunnel vision the norm.

Surely as those loud stars spoke,

My heavily alcoholic sedated body began to choke,

I didn’t care,

As my body’s convulsions plagued the earth

I begged to die.

The gourny beneath me was beginning to tell the story to be told,

Needles in my arms, IV bags gave a slow drip into a body soon to go cold,

I’ve seen to have misplaced my mind

Please Mr. Ambulance driver go back to my true friends.

My true friends, the bottles who’d never forsake,

Those liquefied friends who only needed to be there until they’ve had their take,

Its a shame,

When my friends needed me I let a team of complete strangers rush me away.

Mechanical beeping, a green line jumps up and down,

Sterilized white room, in comes the doctor, he wears a frown,

Tremors, body shivers, mental quakes

God please make this stop.

Tears fill my eyes,

I listen to the morning suns sighs,

I only wanted to die,

Please, if you’re reading this then you are diving deep into the alcoholics poetic memoirs.

By Isaac Gathings 2017

The Unspoken

Have you ever wanted to disappear?

Have you ever had such fear?

Were you so afraid that you could not speak what needed to be said?

Maybe it’s all in my head

Or surely it’ll come out when I’m dead,

Am I forgotten?

While a white cloud rests above

I wish the wind would come and shove.

No one understands me or do they?

Maybe I live in a world that has already lived its heyday.

By Isaac Gathings 2017

On The Rocks

It’s a sad night for a man,

For me,

There is no place I’d rather be

With a Jack or Jim in my hand.

I have a sober prospective,

But around me,

All others dive into a drinking spree

As I become retrospective.

I walked to the bar,

A bartenders eyes glanced my way,

Need a drink to forget your day?

Six more and I’ll be on par.

Numbness of my limbs

As my brain closes off the singular channel

Now I sit upon a bar still ready to dismantle,

Oh how this story grows to become grim.

Isaac, you can not tell another to not drink,

Let them have their time,

Let them sip the beer, the wine

You can not drink, what of you then does the world think?

Are you no longer the importance?

The shadowy figure who kills all fun,

Your drinking mask is done,

But can you continue your resistance?

Leave the scene as the cars engine knocks,

Letting the morning sun be my guide,

Alcohol breath as I yawn wide,

Please Mr. Bartender slide another on the rocks.

By Isaac Gathings 2017